Parents. They hurt you and they think it is love for them. I don’t know what makes the world tick. But I know it is not us. We… Want to be in so much charge, we will cheat our children of their passion. We will dictate to them what feelings are. Even death. We can marry. And it does not matter what age this decision is reached. People are so filled with hate. They want to control everything.

You chase your children away. Because you have no love for them. You can say to the authorities that you do. And they will probably agree with you. Failings of communities come out in government. I like Obama. But what about after him? I fear social injustice. I fear the haters amongst us will be given full rein. And what about that? Government has done some salacious things by itself. Iraq. You may not remember but hundreds of thousands were destroyed there. Because America did not want to withdraw it’s presence. What was it doing there in the first place? Feeling imperious? Does it know what it caused?

Who is accountable? Clinton. Bush. And Bush. You cannot go around throwing your weight. We are looking at Nations old enough to handle things by themselves. You say we live in a time of peace. Why don’t you practice peace?

I do not know what the world is. And in a way I do not want to know. There is no freedom. You cannot play your guitar, because the old are harmed by it. And they want to lead the community and they will not be reasonable about it. You will suffer at their hands because they have no passion at all. Though they will touch you in inappropriate ways. Handle you in an offensive way. As is no harm is going to come to them. And that is how they lead their lives. Not quite blind, but there. Causing damage.

It is malevolent.

Where did we come up with this legacy thing? We listen to the rubbish that comes from the mouths of a few men. We do not doubt what we hear. At any time.

That raises questions on our SANITY.

Of a girl.  The moment, you say my, what are you doing?  You could be doing any number of things.  But it remains that if you are an evil person, you are probably doing terrible things to her.  People do not understand, but it is in a thought that everything starts.  And what do you want to start?
I understand there are a lot of parents out there.  But the community is a little bent isn’t it?  I mean, all the controls.  You cannot go skateboarding.  If you are homeles, there is not much.  You cannot beg in some rich cities because of ordinances.  Security people will throw you off a property, the sidewalk, sooner than look at you.  Because it is not good for business.  This, in a city, with no ordinances against panhandling.  Do we live in one country?  I guess the rich have it all their own way.  And that is where pollution comes in.  They would rather their hum drum lives go on, than it be disturbed by reasonable people.
Is this the way to go?
We are being warned by the ozone layer and global warming, that it is… not the way to go.  So what do we do about people that run the government?
I guess if I were a little girl, unable to get love anywhere.  I would look at the men that want to do something.  And if you are a man that doesn’t want to do anything but get laid… what are you worth?  I guess you would be against us.  Because you want our women.  Because you are jealous of us.  Because we want to get something done.  We are not interested in a government that only wants to go to war.  That wants to allow monopolies that have a say… in government.  I thought government was about intergrity.  But what do you get when you get evil men in government?  How can I pass an agenda that suits… all of us?
I guess they would rather deal with legacy.
And on the battlefield.  Where we know that America has the upper hand.  That is no legacy.  That is rot in hell for all I care.
Surreptitiously.  We do things by stealth.  By secret.  I appreciate the transparency of the present government.  But what about the next?  Whether it is Democratic or Republican.
I do not understand secrecy.  I guess that is how we get things done in America.  And that is what frustrates us all.  Because we can come across another illegal dumpsite, quite… secretly.  How can this stop?  How can it get out of hand?  Off the low, I wish we had not… bailed out those banks.  Their practices also speak of us.  Of the way we set imbalances in a naturally flowing market.  What do you make of it?
At this impasse, I can only say we should test the politicians.  To see what they are made of.  And what we are made of.  Because if we come across a dirty politician, what do we do?  And the people that blackmail the politicians.  Why are they not off the hill yet?  Why do we allow gambling on behalf of the children?  Are we a Christian Nation?
This… too, we have to test.

What most disturbs me, is the way people ruin your peace.  That is what most troubles me.  Because the way we act is indicative of the way the government is run.  How is it run?  Politicians do not make their own decisions.  I have never seen this before.  They satisfy the person telling… them.  This does not make for a very good politician.  Of the girl.  I guess she will grow up well.  With everyone believing in our politicians the way we do.  You cannot answer to a politician.  So they had better get it right.
How are we going to get the pollution thing right?  If… the politicians are not going to listen to us.  When they are going to impede the progress of anti-pollution.  Because they have other interests at heart, and not ours.
I speak to the men up there, that don’t really want to be there.  That will not risk themselves in the pursuit of integrity.  Why listen to… those guys?  You are already rich.  You don’t want to be bent.  You don’t want your children to suffer.
And making war… anywhere you want… What are your children going to answer?  What am I, a member of the community, supposed to answer?  What do I say to the rest of the world, that my country wants only to fight?  That is does not want to solve pollution problems?
I am beside myself.  Because I really believe that pollution problems can be curbed.  By reducing big business.  And the power of the army.  They cannot cause polluted sites.  I thought they would have more responsibility than that.  I guess they can just spray where they want.  And that just tells me that there are certain entities with a little bit too much power.  It is interesting.  When a war is going on somewhere, the stock market goes up.  That is strange.  I guess these people just wait for wars.  Why?  Because they expect America to interfere.  And that is good for the companies that make munitions.  I agree with that guy on TV that there should be less weapons in this country.  But… the police.  They shoot people here.  I hate guns.
Of the girl.  There is a little girl that I know that has parents that are very much into religion.  They happen to live in Italy.  Whenever we are around… them.  They put the girl… center stage.  I know that she does not like that.  We do not hold our children into other people.  Because our children are ours.  We are supposed to be cherishing them.  Not ‘enjoying’ them.  These types of parents, are usually older.  And want to have their children in front of them.  I appreciate them getting children late.  But I think of these children.  You must hide them.  Because the world is a very dangerous place.  And if you are hesitant, you should put yourself in place.  Children are the most precious thing in this world.
If you believe in God.  And many take the chance not to.  So, that is why we are so much in trouble.  We have pollution.  We handle it.  We take hard words like these seriously.  In fact, you are supposed to always be taking your lives seriously.  I just go on and on.  I must be enjoying myself.  I have read a lot of psychological books.  I have a degree in Human Services.  It didn’t really help me.
Why is education mandatory?  And why are jobs so specialized?  It takes a certain kind of pride not to allow menial jobs.  Like picking up trash.  It takes a special kind of heart, not to have services for the poor.  Obamacare is a great thing.  I pity any kind of nay-sayer.  I guess they are them.  And the Republicans have built themselves a little hole.  They… are into the legacy thing.  And President Obama was very good at this.
He won’t be recognized.  My heart is after little children.  If you start out good, then life is no problem.  There should be no gambling anywhere.  I don’t know why there is.  We have Las Vegas.  That should be enough.  It is in a good hot place.  Where most of us seem to be going.  But I do not understand lotteries and scratchers.  The scratchers… provide funds for children.  That must have been a neat trick to pull.  And the Indian casinos.  You know full well, they are being coerced.
I do not particularly care if you want fast money.  But when you insult the poor by the same parameter, I get concerned.  Poor people are very good at being poor.  I do not know why you would want to insult them.  Their pride.  Their way of living.  Scratchers, or gambling, do not give you hope.  They ruin hope.  Being a panhandler is much better.  Because people are proud and good on the street.  Even though, every so often, someone will throw… money at you.  Just leave it in the dust.  I am more concerned with these people that get into Indian land, and tell them that gambling is good for their communities.  I want these poeple off the land.  These are reservations.  They have no business there.
I guess nobody listens to me.
I guess it can go on like that.   What else?  I guess there is a lot, but the gambling is the big thing.  Dare I say it is omnipresent?  Big word.  But we like big words.  We just don’t like to understand them.  I am at peace with myself.  Are you?  Since you are not, there is nothing better to you than  to ruin my peace.  Good people are not in charge of the world.
Not when you can make decisions without the hope of the United Nations.  When you can face the United Nations, and force them to make decisions they do not want to make.  Force… Do you realize how many people died in Iraq?
Do you have any question about it?  I want to know without a doubt whether our intervention in Iraq was a success.  It was not.  Based on the numbers of people that died from explosions from terrorists.  If you had left, without problem… If you had not gone in!  I guess our Nation does not understand some things.
I should just leave it there.
We are here in a time of peace.  We do not make war.
We do not look for excuses for war.  So we can prop up the economy, and those ‘influential’ rich people can get their way.
People like Buffet and Turner, make me sick.  All they can talk about is money.  I want to see any one of them, throw all their money away.  I guess none of Christians.  And this is what worries me.  There are few Christians up there.  Or we would not have these problems.  Al Gore, who brought to our notice the pollution problem has a corner on the pollution market.  Which seems… to have arisen.
It makes me want to just kill these guys.
They are making fun of us.  There are a lot of people who like the world.  These… people… do not like the world.  How do we handle them?  We obliterate them.  We get some good men in government.  That understand of the girl.  That want more than a game.  That want this world to be a good place.  Look at China.  It is killing itself.  With all that pollution.  These fine great big countries.  What kind of example are they setting for the little countries?  I am guessing that change will come after I am gone.  And that it is will be incremental as it goes.  But it has to start changing.
It has to keep changing.  We have to be constantly concerned… People must not take our peace of mind away from us.  And the way we do that is keep ourselves inside of ourselves.  You don’t doubt, but the person stepping out of his house, can have a lot of influence on the people around him.  If it is an evil person, he can say a thing or two.
What happens if you do not stop him?  I see no people attending council meetings.  Parents say to their children, charity begins at home.  That kind of thing.  I don’t see young people becoming themselves without testing themselves.  Without going to the world, with something right in their hearts and taking it on.  What are we supposed to be?  We are in a constant state of flux.  Change is constant.  It is constantly against us.  And things have to be fought for every step of the way.  After a few years, you reach… a futility.  You cannot stop people from smoking cigarettes.  With a look in your eye.  What are you trying to do?  We are free here.  You cannot tell a person to stop acting strangely, the moment you see them.  Because people act strangely from time to time.  And you cannot shoot them for that.
I remember a bunch of police officers.  With the car that they were chasing pretty much stopped.  The car started moving again.  And they shot the hell out of the car.  We are not cowboys and indians here.  We are supposed to be more grown up than that.  And I am sure that a police officer would rather take… a bullet than shoot someone who is in complete innocence.  In the case i mentioned the driver never indicated that he had a gun.  I have seen similar shootings.  When the armed officers accept no explanation.  It is a concern of mine, because how do you protest?  There is peaceful protest.  And there are actions.  Are actions too much for us?  You must know that is an element of protest.  What about Kent University?  How many kids… did you kill?
You’d rather take a bullet.  I guess you have a lot of pride in what you do.  I see you no further than criminals, armed with guns in an official capacity.  Because you are cowards.  You would rather shoot an unarmed man just to see how it feels.
There was a situation in a Southern State where there was a man with a knife.  He was shouting and ranting and raving.  You shot him.  You shot him.  Dead.  There was no life in him anymore.  And murder can be reached in certain ways.  It can be got away with in certain ways.  And I am  sure that a lot of policemen know this story.
I do not know hell.  But it must be a nice place for you.
I do not want to see people in charge of this ‘army’ letting them go easy.  In fact, it should be known here that police actions against ordinary protest can be charged… The government can be sued.  And often.
We are just trying to make our case known.  We cannot tolerate inaction when it comes to pollution.  And we expect… politicians.  The new ones to side with us.  Take this seriously.  And do their part.  We expect Pro Bono lawyers.  We expect a lot.  Because we are good people.  And the world is filled with good people.  Of the girl.  We want our children to grow up in safety.  Without having to make choices that turn her away from God.
I could… be a very dangerous person right now.  And you know that I am.  I will be explicit.  I don’t appreciate the TV on now.  I don’t understand the fighting and idolatory.  I don’t understand it.  I want my kids to stop watching the TV.  I want it.  But the advertisers have bills to pay.  And the producers have bills to pay.  But they won’t be explicit.  They will be underhanded, and show us the evil of the world.  I once knew a school that said it was better to be rich than anything else.  I believe it was down south in San Diego.
What is happening to us?  Are we going to the almighty buck?  We had better stop.  Quick.  Because pollution is a very big concern.  And polluting industries have just got to stop.
There can be no fines, no inducements.  There can be no markets!  This is incredible.  How can the NYSE allow such a market to exist?  It must… be against the law.  Or against any indecency that we still might have.
You have to get it together.
We face problems.  We cannot rely on the future.  If I tell you that nuclear waste is a problem, then let it be a problem.  This is how it is done.  You can face any evil man with reason.  Remember it.
I see the trees, tired of the Cadium.  I see cars running purposefully down the road.  I see bicycles.  I see smokestacks.  I don’t know what I am talking about.  I make a joke.
But any evil reader will look… for a mistake like this.  They are unhappy with themselves.  They put their hoods on, and call themselves fair men.  And then say that fair men don’t have to be right.
Only good men can be right, and it is time for them.
Gerald Sebastian


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